Aging and Cultural Sensitivity

The Chinese American Planning Council – Nan Shan Senior Center — has been awarded a Commitment to Care Award for ensuring graceful aging with dignity and cultural sensitivity.

Its mission is to serve the Chinese-American, immigrant and low-income communities in New York City by providing services, skills and resources towards economic self-sufficiency.

As one of the largest Chinese-based social services agencies in the northeastern United States, the Chinese-American Planning Council, Inc. (CPC) provides culturally sensitive programs for all ages. CPC currently serves more than 8,000 people daily through over 50 contracted programs in 33 locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

In 1972, in response to the isolation, economic and language barriers faced by many Chinese seniors, CPC opened the Open Door Senior Center. Open Door serves as a model for the agency’s Nan Shan Senior Center in Queens, as well as Chinatown Senior Center in Manhattan and Brooklyn Senior Services. Since 1983, CPC has also offered culturally competent home care services to homebound seniors through its Home Attendant Program.

Visit its website to learn more about the Chinese American Planning Council – Nan Shan Senior Center.