Consumers’ Needs and Wants in the Digital Age

By Sally Poblete, Founder and CEO, Wellthie

Open enrollment is right around the corner and individuals are prepared to shop. While many consumers have already bought plans, 33 million Americans remain uninsured.

The uninsured may be waiting in the wings because the process of purchasing health insurance is complex and information is all too often unclear. However, today’s consumers are savvy, discerning and demand simple experiences. By leveraging digital technologies, creating personalized experiences for consumers and meeting them where they are, we can close the gap.

Closing the gap starts at understanding the ins and outs of purchasing a plan. Shopping for health insurance is not about finding the lowest cost plan; it’s understanding your specific health needs and finding a plan that provides tailored benefits and coverage.

Consumers who are shopping for health insurance should keep the following in mind:

  • Health insurance is affordable, especially with financial assistance for those who qualify.
  • The lowest premium plan may not always be the best choice depending on your health needs.
  • A plan with access to local doctors, hospitals and clinics is very important.

For more information on shopping in the era of the consumer, read Wellthie’s white paper, “Consumers’ Needs and Wants in the Digital Age”.

Wellthie is a health care technology company offering software-based solutions that help simplify health insurance.