Preventive Care for New Moms

Just last month, New York became the first state to allow women to enroll in a health plan at any time during their pregnancy. This unprecedented access to health insurance not only allows women to have coverage at any time, but also allows them preventive care.

Preventive care is the best way to stay healthy. Women who receive prenatal care beginning in their first trimester of pregnancy (i.e., within the first 12 weeks) tend to stay healthier and have healthier babies. These available services won’t charge you copayment or co-insurance.

The following services are covered by all health plans:

  1. Folic acid supplements for women who may become pregnant
  2. Gestational diabetes screening for women 24 to 28 weeks pregnant and those at high risk of developing gestational diabetes
  3. Gonorrhea screening for all women at higher risk
  4. Hepatitis B screening for pregnant women at their first prenatal visit
  5. Rh Incompatibility screening for all pregnant women and follow-up testing for women at higher risk
  6. Syphilis screening
  7. Expanded tobacco intervention and counseling for pregnant tobacco users
  8. Urinary tract or other infection screening

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