Tips for Caregivers: Preparing for an Emergency

As Hurricane Joaquin threatens to make landfall on the U.S. Eastern Seaboard, many are reminded of another October storm, Hurricane Sandy, and the havoc it caused. Being prepared for an emergency is important, especially so for caregivers who are responsible for their loved ones.

The Federal Emergency Mangement Agency (FEMA) has suggests the following areas for caregivers to focus on making preparations:

  • Financial and legal preparedness: make sure key financial documents, health care power of attorney and other advance directives are easy to access, have copies in a secure online storage app and give copies to a trusted person, like an attorney or family member.
  • Alerts and warnings: sign up for emergency alerts, such as those offered by government via gov.
  • Emergency communications plans: Keep lists of important contacts, both in a mobile device and on paper, in case cellphone service is disrupted.
  • Emergency supplies: FEMA recommends keeping a basic disaster supply kit on hand. Power-failure lights, bottled water, extra medication and a generator may also come in handy.
  • Property and insurance: Double check insurance coverage and take photos of property in case of damage. Consider digitizing family photos as well so they won’t be lost in a disaster like a flood.

For more information and resources on planning, visit the FEMA or websites.

Source: FEMA: Caregivers, Are You Ready for a Disaster?