Girls and Women in Sports Day

February 3, 2016, marks National Girls & Women in Sports Day — a day to highlight the health benefits of sports and exercise. At EmblemHealth we honor this day and encourage all to take small steps toward healthier living.

The health benefits of competitive sports are more than just physical. While sports are proven to decrease rates of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure in students, they’re also reported to increase social, academic and career opportunities.

Studies suggest that student athletes have higher grade point averages, higher standardized test scores and better attendance. In addition, for females specifically, sports participation positively affects mental health.

According to the Women’s Sports Foundation, “Half of all girls who participate in some kind of sport experience higher than average levels of self-esteem and less depression.”

Girls that participate in sports develop character, courage, confidence and learn invaluable skills to become strong leaders that excel in life. In an EY study, research reports that 90 percent of female CEOs played sports during elementary school, high school or college.

Join us in recognizing the importance of this day, and those organizations whose outstanding work has helped create growth opportunities for girls and women.

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