Wellness at Work: Year in Review

EmblemHealth is committed to the overall health and wellness of its employees and strives to inspire them to make healthy choices and lead by example. Here are some highlights of our employees’ current and past wellness accomplishments as we look forward to a healthy 2018.

  • Weight Management Program: Thirty-three employees registered for our Weight Management Program series at EmblemHealth’s offices in Manhattan and Albany. All together, participants lost a total of 307 pounds.
  • Fitness Center Membership Reimbursement or Discount: We supported our employees’ commitment to health and wellness in 2017, with more than 700 employees participating in our 2017 Fitness Center Membership Reimbursement or Discount program.
  • Flu Shots: The flu virus spreads every year between October and May, and the vaccine is the best way to keep employees and their families from getting the flu. Approximately 7,920 employees got their free flu shot at our offices between 2010 and 2017.
  • Lactation Room Visits: Breastfeeding has proven health benefits for mothers and babies, but many women can have a hard time continuing to breastfeed once they’ve returned to work. That’s why we offer employees clean, private and comfortable spaces for lactation. From 2010 to 2017 there were over 10,000 visits to EmblemHealth’s on-site lactation rooms.
  • Mammography Screenings: The American Cancer Society recommends yearly screenings between the ages 45 to 54, and screenings every two years after age 54. For the early detection of breast cancer, 1,547 free mammograms were given to employees at EmblemHealth offices from 2010 to 2017.
  • Blood Donations: Donating blood is a great way to pay it forward; a single donation can save up to three lives. EmblemHealth employees donated 2,101 pints of blood at on-site blood drives between 2008 and 2017.

As you begin setting your New Year’s resolutions, take the first step: Call your doctor today to schedule your annual checkup for you and your family.

Interested in working for a company that supports your health & wellness? Visit EmblemHealth’s career page for job openings.