Embracing the Health-Conscious Consumer

Consumers are more health conscious than ever, demanding healthier products and services. In response, brands across all industries are increasingly focused on helping people achieve their health goals. EmblemHealth has a long commitment to helping all New Yorkers stay healthy, get well and live better.

During 2015 Advertising Week, a four-day event featuring inspiring thought leadership, seminars and special events, top brand marketers — including EmblemHealth’s VP of Marketing & Communications Dave Mahder — participated in a panel discussion, “Healthy Is The New Green,” about how companies are catering to health conscious customers more than ever.

When asked how EmblemHealth is tapping into the health trend and connecting with consumers, Dave said, “We are committed to being a good neighbor and more, to using our local knowledge and resources to make health care work better for the community.” For example, EmblemHealth launched “Official Sponsor of Small Steps to Living Healthier,” a platform that supports a number of free programs around the city — particularly in areas with underserved populations — to facilitate living a healthier life for people of all ages.

These programs cannot be successful without help, according to Dave. He cited the Live Healthy partnership with local community-based organizations, which supports a number of fitness, health and wellness classes and cooking demonstrations free of charge in eight New York neighborhoods. And the Small Steps app helps to connect people on the go with citywide health and wellness activities and health tips as well as having a built-in pedometer and water tracker.

EmblemHealth has a legacy of caring and advocating for New Yorkers. Dave said, “Our employees embody that care in their everyday actions. We are 3,500 people who live and work in the communities we serve. You see us in your neighborhoods, participating in walks and runs to raise awareness for breast or colon cancer and sponsoring events to promote healthier lifestyles for young people.”

While catering to health-conscious customers is a trend that many companies are embracing, EmblemHealth has always worked to make the lives of all those it serves better. “Our legacy companies were founded more than 75 years ago on the premise of providing access to quality health care to the working people to New York when no one else did. That commitment continues to this day; we’re just accomplishing it in more and more innovative ways.”