Paying Tribute to the Heroes of Labor

By Karen Ignagni
President and CEO, EmblemHealth

Every year, the men and women who work at EmblemHealth look forward to partnering with LaborPress to present the Heroes of Labor awards. This year, I am honored to join my colleagues in paying tribute to the brave, imaginative and pathbreaking union members who keep us safe, make our lives better, and are role models for our children. Emblem is proud to recognize these heroes today and is committed to continuing the work we do throughout the rest of the year to provide high-quality, affordable coverage to our labor partners.

For me, this is personal. My dad was a firefighter, and my mother was a municipal worker. Both were proud union members, and I worked for a decade at the AFL-CIO in Washington, D.C. I pledge to continue the strong partnership that Frank Branchini, our former CEO, forged with the labor movement and make it a priority to continue to identify products and strategies to help unions maintain their health and benefits.

Emblem is in a unique position to deliver on this promise because of the affiliation we have with AdvantageCare Physicians (ACP). ACP is where I get my health care, and ACP’s 36 medical offices are a hub for a growing number of union members. Together, with our physician colleagues, we are working on new products that will improve health, focus on wellness and stretch take-home pay by reducing copays for those that use ACP.

We are dedicated to meeting your health care needs, and Emblem is the market leader in moving away from a no questions asked fee-for-service payment system to one that rewards value. As one of the largest nonprofit health plans in our region, we are also working to improve the quality and effectiveness of health care services.

We are the pioneers of care coordination and have introduced new models of patient-centered care, serving you in your neighborhood. We have a history of serving the City and the State, and are delivering state-of-the-art diabetes and asthma education, and have exciting plans to expand wellness services.