The Benefits of Collaboration

By Maritza Owens, Chief Executive Officer, Harvest Home Farmers Markets

For over two decades, Harvest Home Farmer’s Market has connected low-income communities to fresh fruits and vegetables via local farmer’s markets. We realized long ago that fostering real change requires bringing together organizations with disparate aims but convergent strategies, and our collaboration with EmblemHealth, in particular, has helped us inspire sustainable change within our communities by promoting healthier habits.

Supported by EmblemHealth since 2011, Harvest Home’s Eating for Good Health initiative provides live-cooking demonstrations at five farmer’s markets locations throughout New York City. Eating for Good Health is an example of a collaborative effort to advance healthy living through joint action via community engagement. EmblemHealth’s support has enabled Harvest Home to provide nutritious, plant-based recipes to 75,000 residents of low-income communities in person, and now online through a new app, which is available at or via a smartphone’s app store. The FREE app aims to improve nutrition literacy, increase availability and access to healthy foods, and help our consumers enjoy good nutrition that meets their personal and familial health needs. Together, EmblemHealth and Harvest Home hope to improve the way people shop for food, prepare their meals and feed themselves and their families.

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Harvest Home Farmer’s Market, Inc. (HHFM) is an East Harlem based non-profit whose mission is to increase access to farm fresh, locally grown produce for low-income New York communities identified as “fresh and healthy food deserts.”