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ACP Leading the Way in Health Care Delivery

By Dr. Navarra Rodriguez, Chief Medical Informatics Officer, AdvantageCare Physicians

As the Electronic Medical Record champion at AdvantageCare Physicians, I was delighted – and more than a little proud – to hear that ACP has been recognized for reaching Stage 6 (out of seven) on the HIMSS Electronic Medical Record Adoption ModelSM.

I know that’s a mouthful, but it’s just a fancy way of saying that we’ve been honored by HIMSS Analytics for the tremendous progress we’ve made in building, implementing and using our Epic EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system to provide the highest levels of patient safety and coordinated, quality care.

Only four other ambulatory organizations in New York State have reached Stage 6, and none has reached Stage 7. This gives ACP a significant competitive advantage for recruiting clinical staff, making it possible to achieve superior clinical outcomes and thoughtfully manage care delivery.

But what does this really mean to EmblemHealth members who visit an ACP facility? How does this translate into an improved patient experience and higher levels of satisfaction?

It’s no secret that the partnership between ACP and EmblemHealth runs deep (several ACP offices are co-located with Neighborhood Care facilities, and twelve EmblemHealth Pharmacies are located in the same buildings as ACP medical groups.) Both companies have invested not just in state-of-the-art medical facilities, but also in a highly advanced clinical information system. Epic EMR integrates patients’ medical records with all major care systems—including partner hospitals, lab, radiology, and pharmacy services – and fully automates them across all outpatient settings. This means that a patients’ primary care physician and specialists all share the same up-to-the-minute patient information and clinical data, located in one place and accessible 24/7. This translates to more consistency and accuracy in patient diagnosis and treatment. It also means that ACP providers like me are relieved of a lot of duplicative clerical duties, allowing us more time to do what we do best: provide quality care for our patients.

In addition, ACP’s MyChart patient portal – an important part of the Epic implementation – gives patients the ability to interact directly with their physicians and care teams, taking more control over their health and helping to reduce the cost of care.

While I am very proud of the HIMSS recognition, I am even prouder to be part of an organization that is committed to investing in our technology infrastructure to help ensure quality health care delivery now and in the future. Congratulations to ACP’s EMR team, my fellow ACP providers, care teams, clinical and support staff across the organization for an extraordinary team effort in achieving HIMSS Stage 6 recognition.

Let’s continue the push to Stage 7!

AdvantageCare Physicians is a multi-specialty physician practice delivering comprehensive, community-based care in convenient locations throughout the New York metropolitan area.