Karen Ignagni: Health Care for All of Us

Karen Ignagni, President and CEO, EmblemHealth

This fall, as New Yorkers ride the subway to work, tune in to their favorite news program, stop by their local bodega, or log on to Facebook, they will see EmblemHealth’s messaging around our values and belief that all New Yorkers deserve health coverage, and how we are helping to make that happen.

EmblemHealth is one of the nation’s largest non-profit health insurers, serving more than three million people in New York City and the tristate area. We started out covering working men and women during the Great Depression, when times were hard and health insurance was a new idea. More than 80 years later, our mission as a non-profit is still the same: to create healthier futures for our customers and communities. For parents and children, for millennials and retirees, for small offices and big businesses, for teachers, firefighters and city workers. For all of us. That’s our message.

EmblemHealth’s new ads in English, Spanish, and Chinese are designed to capture the breadth of what our plan offers and the values behind our work. We believe that health care is personal and should be personalized. We believe that it’s important to partner with community-based organizations, and crucial to harness the latest technology to be there when and where our members need us.

EmblemHealth is at the forefront of transforming how health care is delivered. We’re a leader in value-based care, a model that reimburses doctors and hospitals based on the quality of care and services provided. This means working with doctors to treat the whole patient, and providing benefits that cover them no matter what stage of life they’re in. One of the ways EmblemHealth accomplishes this is through our partnerships with hospitals and providers, including Memorial Sloan-Kettering and the Hospital for Special Surgery, our new partners in providing centers of excellence to those who are doing the hard work keeping our city running every day.

EmblemHealth’s innovative partnership with AdvantageCare Physicians is another example of how our mission comes alive every day. As one of the largest physician groups in the city, AdvantageCare Physicians goes beyond traditional primary care and specialty services to provide the type of care that families come to expect and value. Through AdvantageCare Physicians’ team-based approach to care, patients have access to nurses, social workers, nutritionists, behavioral health specialists, and other professionals.

At EmblemHealth, we believe that providing health coverage starts with caring for the community. With eight locations and counting, EmblemHealth’s Neighborhood Care gives members and non-members a place to take free health and wellness classes, enroll in one of our health plans, get face-to-face customer service, and more. At Neighborhood Care in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, we recently joined forces with Cityblock and AdvantageCare Physicians to launch EmblemHealth’s first Health Hub, a one-stop-shop for the surrounding community’s health and wellness needs. Our partnership with Cityblock – the first of its kind in the country – helps us identify and assist the most vulnerable people in our communities, including those who may struggle to find reliable transportation to medical appointments, and families facing housing or food insecurity.

As a non-profit health plan with an 80-year legacy, EmblemHealth is committed to investing in our members and our communities. Through reimagined benefits, innovative partnerships, and programs that reflect the block-by-block needs of our communities, we are delivering better care and better value for all New Yorkers.