Investing in City Workers’ Wellness: EmblemHealth’s New HMO Preferred Plan

For millions of employees and workers who serve our communities, neighborhoods and city on a daily basis, wellness and health benefits have never been more important.

Today, wellness programs are a core element of EmblemHealth’s approach to building healthier communities. Wellness programs empower employees to take control over their physical and mental health, improving their lives both at work and at home. These programs can also support greater job satisfaction and have even been shown to increase employee engagement.

Our commitment to deliver the best care to New York City’s workers and their families is at the core of our latest employer program. City of New York employees now have access to EmblemHealth’s reimagined City of New York HMO Preferred Plan, which combines a personalized health care experience with affordable coverage for city workers. One of the most exciting elements of the new plan is our highly-personalized, comprehensive wellness program.

As a part of this plan, employees will have access to their own personalized health coach who will work with them directly to set clear goals and track progress along the way. Health coaches establish regular check-ins to help members make positive changes to their lifestyle habits, providing advice on topics such as nutrition, sleeping patterns and stress management.

Working with a health coach is a critical step to help prevent serious health complications before they occur. The City of New York HMO Preferred Plan also includes a comprehensive health assessment survey and guide that makes it possible to identify potential risks factors for chronic conditions, and then tailor specific programs to a member’s own unique health needs. Whether it’s asthma, diabetes, or heart disease, our comprehensive care management programs make it easier for workers to manage their health conditions on a daily basis.

The road to better health should also be rewarding. That’s why we offer wellness incentives – like drawings for gift cards and other health benefits – for the daily routines that support a healthier lifestyle. By incentivizing employees to make positive changes, like increasing daily step counts and completing regular immunizations, our wellness programs make it possible for members to incorporate healthy routines into their daily schedules.

For more than 80 years, EmblemHealth has worked to make quality health benefits accessible and affordable to all New Yorkers. Now more than ever, we believe that investing in wellness programs can create better outcomes for the communities we serve.


George Babitsch, Senior Vice President, Account Management 



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The HIP HMO Preferred plan is underwritten by Health Insurance Plan of Greater New York (HIP), an EmblemHealth company.  Refer to form 155-23-LGTIERCERT et al.