Preparing for Open Enrollment Period

Malik Abdur-Razzaq, Marketing Segments Manager, EmblemHealth, recently appeared with host Rhina Valentin on BronxNet TV to discuss how to prepare themselves for the upcoming open enrollment period, when individuals make their health insurance decisions for 2016.

Malik answered questions to help educate viewers about the process and considerations people should take into account when determining their health insurance needs. He discusses the New York State of Health Marketplace, including eligibility for Medicaid and qualified health plans, and the new Basic Health Plan, a new option for 2016.

Asked about how the Affordable Care Act has affected care for New Yorkers, Malik said, “It has given people insurance that couldn’t afford it before. It is also giving a lot of providers the ability to treat those people because they have coverage.”

Click the link or video to view “Preparing for the Affordable Care Act” on BronxNet TV.

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