Eat Better: Tips for Healthy Lunches

New Yorkers’ lives move so quickly; we sometimes go for convenience rather than health in regards to lunch options. Recently, New York-based registered dietitian Katherine Harris, director of integrated nutrition at AdvantageCare Physicians, gave Cosmopolitan some helpful tips on ways to eat a satisfying and healthy meal.

Katherine explains, “Filling up on carbs leads to an energy crash and food cravings around mid-afternoon. Ideally, non-starchy vegetables (like dark leafy greens and colorful vegetables like red cabbage, carrots, bell peppers, and zucchini) should make up 50 percent of your meal. Another 25 percent should be made of lean protein, like fish, poultry, or rice and beans. The remaining 20 percent should be starchy vegetables like butternut squash, yams, sweet potatoes, peas or corn) or whole grains (think quinoa, brown rice, farro, barley), and the last 5 percent should be made up of heart-healthy fats, like sliced avocado, olive oil-based dressing, or nuts.”

To learn more extremely helpful and healthy tips, read Cosmopolitan’s article, “22 Ways You’re Eating Lunch Wrong”.