New York State Passes CARE Act

New York State recently passed the CARE (Caregiver Advise, Record, Enable) Act, which will go into effect late April 2016. It requires general hospitals to allow patients an opportunity to designate — upon admission to a hospital — a caregiver in the their medical record. It also requires the hospital to notify and offer to meet with the designated caregiver to discuss the patient’s plan of care prior to the patient’s discharge or transfer to another facility. It requires a hospital to offer to train the designated caregiver in certain aftercare tasks upon a patient’s discharge to his or her current residence.

“I am elated that New York State has taken this step to support family caregivers — the often forgotten or silent patient. Whether family of origin or family of choice, these family caregivers work tirelessly to provide care to their loved ones. Being named and recognized as this bill calls for, is a major first step in recognizing and honoring the crucial role they play,” said Gregory L. Johnson, Senior Advisor for Family Caregiving; Office of the CEO.

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