National Institute of Health Funds Autism Research

The National Human Genome Research Institute — a division of the National Institutes of Health — has awarded the New York Genome Center (NYGC) $40 million to create a genome-sequencing program that will study genetic links in common diseases with a strong focus on autism.

NYGC will work with family-based groups that include both diagnosed and undiagnosed patients. These groups will provide full genome-sequence data that will improve the likelihood of making important discoveries in common diseases, such as autism, heart disease and diabetes.

Said New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, “This grant will support the New York Genome Center’s position at the forefront of biotech and modern medicine and ultimately help to further its work to improve people’s lives.”

To learn more about the program, read the full NYGC press release, The New York Genome Center Awarded $40 Million from the NIH to Use Genomic Sequencing to Explore Common Disease (Funding Granted to Study Autism).