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Access to a More Affordable Health Care for City Employees

EmblemHealth, the City of New York and the Municipal Labor Committee — a coalition of employee unions — announced they are working together to provide expanded access to affordable, innovative health care in an effort to support benefit cost reductions for city workers.

According to a Crain’s article on the partnership, “About $150 million of the $1 billion in fiscal 2017 savings is related to benefit design changes to EmblemHealth’s health plans, which collectively insure about 90 percent of the city’s workforce.”

Karen Ignagni, EmblemHealth President and CEO said, “We are honored to partner with the City of New York and its Unions to offer the City’s hard-working men and women affordable, value-based health care.”

The remodeled plan — the first in 30 years — will make routine visits and preventive tests more affordable for members. This includes zero copays and telemedicine services when city workers use certain physicians such as AdvantageCare Physicians, the multispecialty physician-led practice group and partner of EmblemHealth.

Copays for emergency room visits will increase, to encourage workers to avoid using urgent care services and to promote healthy living. Additionally, EmblemHealth is expanding its care management for individuals with diabetes, and city workers’ beneficiaries with chronic illnesses.

“This partnership highlights the City’s innovative leadership by embracing value-based strategies to achieve both cost savings, and improved health care outcomes to employees and their families,” said Ignagni.

To read the full EmblemHealth press release see, “EmblemHealth Pleased to Partner with the City of New York and its Unions to Expand Access to Innovative, Value-Based Care.”