Think on Your Feet – They Matter!

Between speed-walking, biking, riding the subway, or running late to that next meeting, New Yorkers are constantly on their feet. In the fashion capital of the world, your footwear not only matters for style, but also for function. During National Foot Health Awareness month, let’s work to keep our energy going by taking care of…

Make the Most of Your 2019 Checkup

A great way to take charge of your health in the new year is to visit your doctor for an annual wellness checkup. Not only does it allow your doctor to review the current status of your health, but it’s also an opportunity to talk to your doctor about any health goals you’re looking to…

Natural Ways to Cope with Stress

Stress has been linked to a number of adverse health effects, including heart disease, hyptertension, diabetes, depression, headaches and more. The good news is people can learn to manage stress and lead happier lives. Here are six ways to relieve stress.

Natural Ways to Fight Fall Allergies

With the leaves changing color in New York City now, we can officially say it’s fall. For some, it’s the most beautiful time of the year to take a stroll at the park, while others are combating with irritating fall allergies. The good news is there are several natural remedies to help. Here are a…

Is Technology Hurting Your Eyes?

Technology has become an essential part of people’s lives over the years. Adults and children have both come to quickly lean on technology to help them find answers to everyday questions. This raises the question, is technology hurting your eyes? We asked for AdvantageCare Physicians’ ophthalmologist Dr. Amita Vadada’s expert opinion regarding this topic. Dr….